EBestParts LCD Service:Sell us your broken iPhone & Samsung LCDs!

Sell your cracked, damaged, broken or unwanted LCD screens is essential to staying competitive in the cell phone repair business. In return,
you could get equivalent cash otherwise extra 5% money to buy phone parts from us. EBestParts wants to buy your broken screens! We pay
competitive prices for a variety of broken screens of cell phone flagship models. All screens will be tested by EBestParts upon arrival to verify
working LCD and Digitizer. Those found defective will be recycled unless otherwise stated by sellers.

Request Free Shipping Label Or Pickup

We cover 100% shipping of broken screens

  1. Ship More than 20kgLCDs;
  2. And over 70% of the screens are Working ;

If you do not meet the quantity requirements, you may request a shipping label anyway and shipping cost will be deducted from your total payout.



Please read these terms and conditions carefully before sending us your broken screens.

1.  Make sure you are sending original screens.
2.  LCD and Touch function must be in good condition.
3.  You need to pay the freight charges to HK warehouse.(If not over 70% the screen are working)
4.  Exchanging price means we offer you 5% extra margin if you use the money to buy parts from us directly.

We'll use this email address to send you shipping details and progress updates every step of the way.