About Us

Ebestparts is a global leading mobile phone parts sourcing and recycling solution provider based in China. By integrating the supply chain worldwide, cooperating with numerous OEM manufacturers, aftermarket and stocking the largest inventory of repair parts in the consumer electronic industry, Ebestparts is specializing in the supply of various mobile repair parts which cover the LCD displays, touch screen digitizers, glass lenses, housings, tools, accessories as well as refurbishing machines.


It is these very encounters which led us to ultimately spend the next couple of years linking with suppliers who could bring the best of both worlds together and provide the best possible parts at the best possible prices. As a result of this time and effort, we strongly believe that we have finally been able to make the link between the best possible premium replacement parts and most importantly the low prices that others have failed to achieve. This has in turn led to the wide range of replacement parts that we offer which primarily consist of not only the best “Grade A copies” on the market, but also full original parts which match that of your existing components. Although we were successful in being able to string together an assortment of premium parts at low prices, we weren’t finished there.


Ebestparts provides unique and diversity business solutions for different customers to meet different requirements of the parts distributor, wholesalers, refurbishing factories, repair facilities as well as online resellers. And we are the first company to launch the ‘One City One Partner’ service whose mission is to help all people from every city of the world can get the highest quality, the most reasonable prices replacement parts in the shortest time.

In addition, to help global wireless industry to deal with the E-waste problems and save our planet, Ebestparts partners with lots of the professional recycling industries,refurbish ingenterprises and reverse logistics providers to develop the recycling and value recovery business.


Ebestparts makes a commitment to deliver excellent one-stop sourcing services. All parts from us use the fantastic quality materials designed to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards. Ebestparts has a qualified quality-control engineering team, the perfect product quality inspection process and the quality guarantee system.

Following the strict industrial standard, our quality control engineers process with the parts’quality inspection with self-developed technology methods and advanced equipment. The basic quality inspections in Ebestparts consist of the function inspection, appearance inspection and etc. And our outstanding QC team makes full supervision on the products’ whole quality inspection process, timely feedback and analysis on the unqualified cell phone parts.


Ebestparts team upholds the same corporate values and behaviors which influence each of members to work in a most efficient way.Based on the criteria of the
codes which are related to our work and work environment, Ebestparts team makes the decisions, takes actions, and interacts with our global customers. Integrity and honesty, continuous improvement, improving customer satisfaction and pursuing the excellence are what Ebestparts team believes in the core values.