A question we often get asked is “Do you accept copy screens?” Put simply, we don’t- we only accept ORIGINAL screens. However, people still send us copy screens for recycling and refurbishing, possibly because the difference isn’t as clear as it might be.

What is the difference between Original and Copy iPhone LCD Screens? 

OEM Screens

OEM screens are the original screen that came on the phone when it was new. To spot an OEM screen:

Tip 1: Apple Logo or Barcode

  • Has the Apple logo or barcode on the flex cable
  • In the top left-hand corner there is a black sticker over the 3d barcode

Tip 2: Flex Cable

  • The OEM factories need to produce softer and more flexible digitizer flex cables to make sure that they will not break during installation and after being folded many times. These softer flex cables have a much higher production cost then standard hard flex cables.

Tip 3: Rainbow colored tint

  • Has the rainbow colored tint on the camera lens

Tip 4: Supplier Stamp

  • Has no supplier stamp or warranty sticker on the frame, flex or backlight sticker




      Aftermarket Screens

      Copy screens are entirely new screens designed and manufactured by independent third parties without the involvement or endorsement of Apple. To spot a copy screen:-

      Tip 1: Apple Logo

      • Has NONE Apple logo on the flex cable and glass.

      Tip 2: Flex Cable

      • Inspect the flex cable to determine if a copy or original
      • Check to make sure the touch flex is connected to the glass

        When you’ve been checking screens for as long as we have it becomes second nature to determine the type of screen it is in seconds. When we’re testing a batch of screens that comes in, any copy screens are filtered out without checking if they work because we don’t recycle or refurbish these. The original screens are then processed to be tested and dealt with under the service you’ve requested.