Quality Control

Strict Quality Control Standard
suppliers to reverse logistics facilities, repair and recycling businesses based in Shenzhen Guangdong Prov., which
is the largest centre of consumer electronic industry all around the world. Therefore, Ebestparts can meet the
different requirements of our majority of clients in the aspect of parts’ quality.
As one of the most professional sourcing and recycling solution providers for mobile phone repair and refurbishment,
Ebestparts has been dedicating itself to benchmarking the industry quality control.
Following the strict industrial standard, our quality control engineers process with the parts’ quality inspection.
The basic quality inspection in Ebestparts consists of cosmetic inspection, function inspection, etc.
Here is one of the most typical examples of screen inspection process
HOW Ebestparts TESTS
Touch Testing by Moving in All Directions
LCD Display Testing by Pure Grey, White And Black
The Principle That We Deal With Such A Stock
Ebestparts makes a commitment to deliver excellent one-stop sourcing service. All parts from us use the fantastic quality
materials designed to OEM standards. Ebestparts has a qualified quality-control engineering team, and they generally
make full supervision on the products’ whole quality inspection process, timely feedback and analysis on the
unqualified cell phone parts.