Please note that we can only accept OEM (original) screens, not third-party "OEM" or third-party "copy" displays. 


  • A grade screens are in full working condition without any major or minor faults with the LCD, whereas B grade screens have minor problems with their LCDs (e.g. pink screens - visible pink halo on the lcd - or small marks on the inner layers of the lcd which are beyond repair, but do not affect the functions of the Screen). Please notify before the start of the process which Lcds you are willing to refurbish.

We accept screens with broken glass, but we require the underlying digitizer and the display itself to be in working order. The screen must have no defects, dead pixels, dark patches or flickering.

Once we have received the screens, we will check each of them to confirm that they are still working as requested above. We’ll then send you an email report covering our findings.

If the screens were sent to us for recycling, we will offer payment at our standard rates for those in sufficient working order. (This can be via PayPal or bank transfer). Any screens diagnosed as not working will either be returned to you or disposed of according to your preference.

If the screens were sent to us for refurbishment on your behalf, we will refurbish those in acceptable order and any screens diagnosed as not working will either be returned to you or disposed of according to your preference..

In both cases, we will contact you to confirm that this is acceptable beforehand.

While we accept that it isn’t always possible to test screens before they’re sent to us- and that they can sometimes be damaged in transit (see our guide on how to avoid this)- please do not send screens to us that you already know to be unfixable (i.e. touch/digitizer not working*, or broken display itself).

* We only accept screens with broken touch/digitizer for the small number of models that specifically list this option.


Questions you may ask:

1. What will you do if you damage the LCD when you refurbishing ?

Once we receive your broken screens, we will test and send the test report to you.

2. What quality of Glass and frame do you use to refurbish my LCD ?

We only use Grade AAA Waterproof Glass and Strong Frame to refurbish your LCD, the Glass and frame are nearly the same quality as original. The OCA and Polarizer are original and frame is attached by Cold Glue.

3. Do you pay the shipping fee before and after refurbishing ?

Sorry, no. The price we quoted is only for refurbishing service. You need pay both shipping fee.

4. How do I know the LCD you sent me is my LCD ?

That’s easy, before you send your broken screens to us, please put your unique mark / sticker /seal on your LCD. Then, you will know the LCD we sent you is 100% belong to your LCD.