We Buy Broken LCD Screens Worldwide
Cracked or Damaged LCD and OLED Displays from Apple iPhone, iPad or Samsung? Sell Them to Us!

Wondering where you can sell your broken iPhone LCDs? Looking to sell some cracked iPhone screens? Want to make some money from your damaged Samsung Galaxy tablet and phone displays? Sell them to us!

  • How Much Can I Sell My LCDs For?

How much? The prices we’ll pay you for your screen vary- while OEM versions of the newer Apple screens (including the Apple Retina) and more recent Samsung displays are worth the most, there’s some good money to be made from the displays in older models.

  • Where Do I Send My Screens?

We’re based in the HongKong, China, you can sell us your cracked and broken LCD displays via mail from anywhere in the world.

  •  Our Testing Standard:

A “perfect” OEM LCD. Touch function must be in good working order.


Our B grade category is for OEM LCD's that have some defects or were previously refurbished. 1 to 3 dead pixels are allowed. Touch function must be in good working order.

All damaged screens are considered useless. Once damaged, they all become a waste material. WE DO NOT RECYCLE NON-ORIGINAL ("COPY") SCREENS, GRADE C OR D AND DAMAGED SCREENS, please test your broken screens before sending to us.